My Perspective

Let Me first say I'm no preacher or phone

But this is a message I thought should be revealed,

Because it's so concealed yet always shown and rarely known,

The simple things I feel, I mean, and I don't mean to be to real,  

And I'm sure you’ll find it interesting,

Because today I will teach you the ways society has failed,

First of all I'm not speaking white,

An’ I ain't talkin’ black,

There's a fine line we all walk when we compare intellect with dialect,

Racism is the world's pill with stereotypes being the toxic side effect,

I guess I just expect too much out of people who are so brainwashed,

Yes, brainwashed by the things they are forced to learn,

The grades they are forced to earn and the tables their told to turn,

But besides all that,

I think I’ll stick to the facts now,

Like the fact that I have a date with a Friend to see Hidden Figures,

Oh yeah, the movie about the 3 black female computers that made it possible to launch the first man off to space,

Funny, I only remember learning about Neil Armstrong,

The man launched by the bigger and better minds,

The mind that made complicated equations into a much simpler kind,

And the man stood like a curtain placing the mastermind behind him,

But let me rewind,

To the line where I said let me stick to the facts,

The fact that I thought I was being taught all of my history,

Like a fool,

But let me explain myself,

I have been taught the same thing for 11 years now,

About people like George Washington and the horrors of the slave routes and the tight ships,

And the constitution,

See I thought I’d been taught everything and that history had met its conclusion,

That there was nothing else... important to teach,

I thought I’d finally reached the end of history not knowing I’d only met a large breach,

A breach so wonderful yet terrible and bleak,

Never did I know that Lewis Latimer was the first to discover the electricity industry,

Like who does Benjamin Franklin think he is,

Embracing a title that wasn’t ever his,

And passing down the lies to the elementary kids,

My condolences to the offended,

A bit too much exposure?

I’m sorry but I believe everyone needs a little bit more closure,

You know I mean no harm to the little ears going through so much torture,

More or less,

I just can’t believe the things I have to say,

Like my bloodline and race is full of anguish and pain,

I think of things like how I got here from my ancestors being slain and raped,

Because they were enslaved by men that had no self control or shame,

And couldn’t contain themselves from causing us pain,

They couldn’t resist our strength our power our elegance, intelligence,

Our voices and talents,

As a black race,

And let me stress this we are all not what media portrays us to be,

Ruthless savages and homicidal black men,

That can’t stay out of penitentiaries,

With felony after felony,

Neglecting their beautiful families,

But There is beauty in all this misery,

Like the song said black is gold,

Because gold is valuable,

Gold comes with a significant price,

The process to mine and obtain it is so precise,

And another thing,

It’s only a limited amount of it on this earth,

Have you made the connection,

Can you finally see the world for what it is from my perspective,

If not it's alright every pair of eyes has its own vision,

And all the legally blinded need their own prescription,

And every single code has a unique decryption,

But this is something I solemnly believe,

That even the history of the black race has a much better….  beautiful depiction.

Than what the racist white supremacist suppress it to be,

But Let me insert the race card back into my purse,

Let's try putting unity and love first,

Let’s leave the woes and the anger and hatred to the dirt,

And become something bigger,

Something better than what society tells us to be,

Because at the end of the day WE choose our destiny,

But for now I’m going to take back what I said,

When I said I didn't mean to be to real,

Yeah that,  

I meant every word I said and I hope it resonates in everyone's heads,

I hope you know that just because I have closed doesn’t mean mouth is sealed,

Yes, these are the little things in life that I feel.

By: Neah M. Lewis


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