My Person

It started April 9th,

Who knew that wishing you a happy birthday would change my life?

Then April 25th,

That night we talked, and I knew I had found my person.


The circus came May 2nd,

In less than a month you became my everything.

That fateful day late May,

I saw you at your worst and the sound of your cries broke my heart.


June started my summer with you,

Playing softball and skateboarding on the Wild West.

And it continued in July,

We were inseparable, best friends for life.


August 4th was our 100th day of friendship,

You were dangerously sick but I didn’t care.

I wanted to spend August 4th with you,

I celebrated with the one person i couldn’t live without.


September 1st started our last school year together,

I’m a senior and you’re a sophomore, but who cares?

My birthday was on September 16th,

You were the only one I wanted to spend my big day with.


All of fall, especially October,

I played a sport I’d never tried before to spend time with you.

For three hours on October 31st,

We stood in line for a two minute haunted house.


Holiday season started in late November,

You were what I was most thankful for, and still are.

December 25th is a day I wanted to spend with you,

The best gift I have ever received is your friendship.


January 16th was a hard day for us,

We had just started a new year together, and I hurt you.

On the day of love February 14th,

You are who I love the most, but I had ruined our friendship.


March was so hard,

I lost my best friend and I was dying without you.

Softball started again late March,

And I got to hear your beautiful voice.


April 9th was your birthday again,

And you let me spend it with you, despite our rough past.

The beginning of April you forgave me,

I had gained my person back.


Now, still in April,

We are becoming who we were again.

Our one year of friendship is April 25th

After almost year, I know that I can’t live without you.


Next month is May,

We will continue to become better friends again.

On June 5th I graduate,

But I know that you will still be my best friend through college.


No matter what second, minute, day, or month,

You are my person and I can’t live without you.

Thinking to the future months and years,

I know that I will always have you by my side.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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