My Permanent Reminder


I am numb

My arm is a mess

There is so much pain

The cuts are stained with blood

Each cut represents something

It's a hidden meaning

That people don't understand

They just see me



And lost

But there is a story

A story behind my cuts


The first cut 

For when you hit me

The second cut

For when you quit loving me

The third cut

For when you tried leaving this world

The fourth cut

For when I lost my will to live


Why did I cut

Why would I want to leave a permanent reminder



I want to remember everything

The pain

The heartbreak

The betrayal 

The hopelessness


The scars on my arm tell a story

They tell a story of a girl who wanted to give up

But just couldn't let go of life

The scars remind me that I can survive

No matter what

My story isn't just about pain, heartbreak, betrayal, and hopelessness

It's also about 



And second chances


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