My Perfect Piece of Imperfection



Write to people that will never know they were addressed

Make art with hidden meaning and my untold secrets

Spill hot tears from my green eyes during cold moments

See things from the perspective I can obtain

    Wear clothes to show my forever identity and mood for the given day

Learned how to recognize what will assist me to understanding life

Listen to words spoken aloud and words kept silent

       Enjoy what leaves you in high spirits that others don’t understand

Dance to music no one else hears

Pound my fists into an empty atmosphere until the level of rage I have is alike

Value things others would disregard

Dream of all the desires from my heart

Read fictional novels knowing this is a reality for someone in this world 

Embrace the me from my childhood

Consider the story behind every broken smile and hushed tear

    Speak chosen thoughts using precise words to reflect my uncontrollable mind

Choose to remember based on my definition of importance

Play the role of a real world actress known as myself

Express the “I” in “unique”



“I’d rather take risks than make something that’s cookie cutter.”

~Sandra Bullock~

“If you’re lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change.”

~Taylor Swift~

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