My Perfect Man


United States
41° 55' 57.6768" N, 72° 39' 2.1456" W

smiling eyes
every time i walk into a room
your hands are there
to touch and to hold
hair flowing
inviting me to run my long fingers through the soft uneven lengths upon your head
a song
always on your lips
and in your heart
a hug
waiting for when i least expect it but need it most
a hungering
to learn
to appreciate
to love
to understand
to accept
in the way you move, the way you walk, the manner in which you stand
a desire
for more
always for more
without restrictions

I do.
now would you care to sign on the dotted line?
your ring is waiting.
your lover,
she waits for your arrival,
but with haste to finally be in the arms of her betrothed.
waiting for your approval.


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