My People!

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 16:29 -- plindo

I woke up watching the news

A young black dude only sixteen years old and just got his license too.

Speeding on the street so he got pulled over in a black hoodie,

What made it look worse:

Is that he was driving a bentley.

The cop is looking at him like he is devious

Cause you cannot make something of yourself

Nah, not without causing disobedience.

The law got a hand on the bringer of death

And the young man said,

"Mr. Officer please don't do anything rash,

I'm gonna reach to get the papers in the dash".

Cop looking in the car

He sees something black in the back,

And it was a water gun in fact.

But no questions asked!

Another black body dropped,

With the smoke coming fom the gun of a cop.


But this is just one of many stories that will be forgotten by history,

Of the cloud of hatred surrounding the black killing mystery.

Everyday I thank the lord for giving us Honest Abe,

Cause it was finally time for somebody to free the slaves.

But even with that!

We are still looking discrimination in the face,

And they say we are the evil race

But they are as good as saints.

However fair is foul,

And foul is fair.


Now everyone says that one day we shall triumph!

But triumph over what?

We've been fighting this war for thousand years plus.



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My country
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This has great rhythm! 


Made my heart ache. 

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