My pen of Comfort

I was as young as the winters spring

when god gave me his pen to wing

with only a broken heart and sadden tears I seen

in and out of school depression laced my face

running to my room to hide the demons I envied

Long hours in the mirror as hate consumed my soul

as death made its way through my mind

growing up with no one to confined or trust in I suffered

with no one to lay my head to grief I stood to a back

I always knew as a child I was destined for a greatness

I can still remember that long summer night all alone

In a bed consumed by walls I stood cold as the night

Trapped inside my own ptsd I was trying to move ahead

With a thousand voices in my head I did the only thing I could

I grabbed a hold of the imagination in a single pencial

I took one swift of the paper and made a feeling I’ll never forget

A piece of work that always leave a smile at the title

With every word that’s written or typed theirs a message

A story in every poem that I’ve written since I started

 A blessing every time I’m able to share my life’s experience

A way to express myself without being afraid to be me

Poetry to me is more than words but a second life we’re given to help manage the bad

A place where I’m free to do and say as I please in every stanza

A hero in my own city watching with all mighty gods

A painter with the ability to persuade others with a single hand

A poet with a book to share to the world

I can be anything when I’m in poems

I am the beholder with the power to write millions though a single line

A world without poetry is a world without life

My poems are my safe haven though the negative and positive  

Theirs only a few who know my story, so I’ll welcome you with open pages

This is my song of how I came to be poetic


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