My Pen Is Bleeding

Sat, 11/01/2014 - 00:14 -- BonnieA


My pen is bleeding

I hone in my energy enough to make clear words

To move my muscular digits

To dance in moves too miniscule for the eyes to muster

My pen is bleeding

Black ink spews across my page

Not like that, but like this

With my kinks, my curls, and my curves

My mind is bleeding

So much to say, so much to write, not so many hands

My thoughts rush and scramble

My language cant find its place

Who knew such joy can come from staining this plank of delicate wood

My psyche is bleeding

Who knew words can feel so good

My mouth is bleeding

I let the words flow

I let the words unfold

I let the words escape me

I let my world escape me

My heart is bleeding

My arteries pump passion

Chambers release the tension

They release the pressure

Pump it outlet it out

My spirit is bleeding

My soul is bleeding

But it feels so right

Not like that, but like this

My power is bleeding

…Life into my pen

…On this paper

When I can’t always find the words to speak out loud

But my pen does

My pen is bleeding

Life into Me.


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