My Path to Senior Year



Freshman year was a big doorway,

As I walked the long dark hallway. 

Spent most of my time memorizing my locker combination

Because I was not use to my location.

I was rushing to make a best friend,

Someone that was true and would not pretend.

My classes were not what I was used too

But as time went on I had to make do.


Freshie, fresh meat is what I was named

By all the seniors that always so boldly proclaimed.

I use to stare at them when they passed by

Oh how I wished I could follow them like a fly.

They were always so cool

Because they looked like they ruled the school.

I wanted to be in their place.

That was all the excitement that I carried on to my face.


Sophomore year was a breeze.

I was so much more at ease.

I knew every inch of my school.

Carrying my schedule of every class was my ground rule.

I had so many great buddies,

That always helped me with my studies.

It was the simplest year

Because I was always merry and full of cheer.


But I had one main goal

To be a true senior, body and soul

I wanted that glory and fame

Plus all the senior privileges that came

I just wanted it to be my turn

But I knew there were things I still had to learn.

I guess you could say I was almost there

But the anticipation was something I could not bear.


Junior year was not stress free

All I wanted to do was flee.

My AP exams drove me crazy.

It definitely was not the year to be lazy.

Studying for the SAT’s wanted to make my head burst

Because that test made me nervous at first.

I always had something to do,

I studied my hardest to pull through.


Although that year was very tough                                                 

I knew that I was closer to my goal. Sure enough,

My dream was almost complete

Because I was so close to be being in that hot seat.

Oh how I could no longer wait

It was like being a senior was always my fate.

My last year of high school was finally coming,

A model senior was what I was becoming.


Senior Year has just begun,

I absolutely cannot wait for all the fun.

Let me tell you what I am looking forward to,

Here is a short break through.

Visiting a prestigious college

Where I will gain and share more knowledge.   

Finding a prom date,

Hopefully someone top rate.

Taking my senior close-up

It’s going to be everywhere in my house framed up 

Being a part of yearbook,

Flipping through past pictures I took.

Going on the big senior field trip

Something I definitely cannot skip 

Finally, walking the aisle with my cap and gown

 While stopping myself from breaking down

Being a senior is all I wanted in the past

Now I hope this moment will last. 


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