My Path

Going to college was never a choice, Gaining a degree for my mom could rejoice

Then grad school came into play, My career path altered a way


Studying English was an endeavor But with each lecture, I only got better

Reading new books, learning new names, seeing different view my mind couldn't be tamed


All of this knowledge, what should I do? My mind started to come to a brew

Become a nurse? Mom would love that! My world of literature would come to a splat


Took some months to gather myself Just for my own educational wealth

“Making a difference other than yourself” Toni M. gave me positive shelf


After planning over the months, making a decision all at once

My knowledge is not for me alone, to give to those that are unknown


After years of reading collections, books have became my minds protection

If I could do this, others could too! Now I know exactly what to do


Many students struggle to read, true education is needed indeed

But what could I do with just a BA? Now it's time to get a MA


Grad school is my way to give back to those who paved my bibliophile way, English I choose

Now it's time, 2019. I am making grad school this year’s theme!


Hey grad school! I am ready for you! Going to display what my brain can do

Breaking that wall of biased view that reading and writing is not fun to do


I love reading, writing as well, using this knowledge to create my own tale

Expressing myself through the practice of art, there are so many ways that you could be smart


My vision is big! Bigger than me! Ready to teach the world to write and to read

Showing my vision in these two ways, from spoken word and the art I display!

 *Read this poem while listening to J. Cole: Middle Child Instrumental 

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