From My past to The Present "What can you see when you explore who you are and what made you become you?"

Everybody who has trouble in their lives

try to search for their own answers

Somethings they might have to ask the people

around them for advice or comfort


My life was never simple

I know that my life is always misunderstood by

others and I felt as if my life is starting to become too depressing

The past is difficult for me to accept

This world I use to live in is  the cause  of young people's pain and

suffering because parents give up their children


They don’t want or can't take care of themselves

society has changed over the past couple of years that I was born.I see families being torn Apart because someone in the family wants to pick up an addiction,

or just leave cause they are afraid of responsibility

We can not accept the fact that life is not perfect for anyone

just because if you truly don't understand why you are

Here on this world, you need Jesus in your life.

My past is something I know I must let go off

because it's causing my family pain and suffering

I know being a child of a parent that did drugs

and moved from place to place and  did not

even stop to think how this is going to affect my kids and myself


That never crossed her mind once

all she wanted was

to get high everyday at every hour, minute, and second.

So the government took me and my sibling out of that

horrible situation, but the past has a way to come back

So we need to learn how to embrace it and forgive

the people that has hurts us, because  I had to forget

my biological mother for leaving me and my

sibling out to die in this cold world


Against better judgment

I forget

How the sun casts her shadow

On roads that unroll themselves

As minefields full of expectation

I find my pleasure in disaster that

Draws near when I laugh at it

Blowing caution to the wind

Of change behind me


I finally find my true self

In today’s society, we are always wondering

why the we can’t just get along with one another

Hoping our lives will soon straighten out before we past

Think about it have you ever gotten made at

someone because of something they have done to you in the past

so you won’t allow yourself to forgive them for their bad deed


Our world is coming undone and we are to blind or stupid to see i.

I’m here to tell l you my reasons of change we must do before life as we knew vanish

I have embraced the fact that pain and suffering

is main key in survival along with hope and love

but we are far from that


Our government system has caused us to overreact

For example everyone ips upset about

Donald Trump being president in January of 2017

We are not accepting the truth that has been

set in front of us. We need to truth the state's decision

and just embrace it

I know that life would be more


easier if everyone just accept the fact we are entering a new era

but at my school some people won't accept it

Some latinos keep saying there

moving back to Mexico when Donald Trump

enters the White House in January

So I know, the rest of the world might think the same way

I know my opinion doesn’t really matter to ‘cause

I don’t know how  you feel about the state's decision on Donald Trump being president.

I’m just here to compare this parti[ciple situation with the

feeling of abandoned by a love one

Just think about


it the feeling of being alone, cold and hungry

Now think how our land is going to feel after you leave it behind

Our home we build will some become nothing but a ghost town

“A deserted town with few or no remaining inhabitants.”

How can  we do this to our home a place where we grew up and learned

how to embrace one another

How can we just start all over


Donald Trump is someone you should not fear

because he won't force you to leave your home

He knows you're

more important than than the white man

We build this world from the ground and up

So we can abandon our respectability because

we are scared of what might happen

We must take a chance if we want to survive


I know I’m not a writer nor a human rights activist

I know my opinion doesn't matter in the eyes of the beholder,

but I don't care

I know why i’m here and it's not to hear your complaining nor your rumors

I here to express myself in a way that I can

cause you can’t always alright

Somewhere at some point you’re going to break and you are going

to have to express how you feel in order to move on from your past

It's not going to be easy trust me I know how it feels

I was in your shoes and I face it


Did you think it was easy for me to tell you about my past….

No ma'am it was not easy


I felt like I was reliving what happened to me and comparing to

Donald Trump's achievement in being the next

president  the same feeling has returned

cause my friends are saying

that they are leaving the states

But I’ll never be alone


This year been ever eventful

And I glad to have a say

you don't have the listen just read  


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Our world
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