My Partner Darkness



   Darkness Is My Partner

Darkness Guides Me Into The Dark

Far Away When Everyone Blinds You

Darkness Lets Me Give My Emotions Out

Darkness Leads Me To Failure

Knowing I Won't Win 

My Best Choice Is 

Be Darkness.


 No Other Choice Is Better.

Darkness Understands The Bad Times; 

The Drains, 

The Gain,

And The Pain

The Only One Who Saved Me

The Only One,

Who Felt

Saw And Been There 

Time Was Even Too Slow To Stop It

Darkness Spread And Took Over To Help Me

My Partner Darkness.


Then Again...

Darkness Can Be a Bit Rough 

Darkness Does Have The Word "Dark" In It 

Darkness Took My Life And FLipped It Around

Nobody Else Wanted To


Darkness Stuck Knives And Tears In My Life

Yes, Harsh And Mean

Making Me Confused 

To Not Finally Understand 


Darkness Is My Teacher

Darkness Help Me Get My Problems Away

Even If It Hurts 

or even kills me

Darkness Isn't Bad

Darkness Heals

Gives Lessons

Crushes And Gives

He Gave Me Wings

Darkness is My Hero

Even Superman Couldn't Save Me

Darkness Is My Friend And Savoir


Darkness Brings Water To My Eyes

Fire Into My Heart

Pain Into My Head

No Other Could Do More

Darkness Is Me.



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