My Paradox

I live in a constant paradox,

where in my happiest times, I am the saddest 

and in my saddest times, I am the happiest.


The constant contradiction that I live in

constricts me in a wide open cell.


No matter how much support there is with me,

I sill feel alone.


One day I'll be "Let's live life to the fullest each day!"

Another day I'll be bored and unmotivated


Head aches all around,

yet smiles are brought about everyday 

giving others and me



No matter how dark the light shines in the darkness

there is still a shadow coming off the light.


How can someone feel so accomplished and greatly praised

but feel nothing at all at the same time?!


The constant back-to-back feelings I have felt, 

makes my thoughts run wild.


I'm a pessimistic optimist, 

yet I'm an optimistic pessimist.


Quite a paradox I live in, I must say.

One that confuses me and others, 

for life...

This poem is about: 
Our world


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