I have a sister who I love dearly
When we are younger
We do things together
We got separated
I waited to see her
I could feel her absence
But I lived by her memories
Years passed before we see
Am no longer the little girl
She has transformed
I cried when I saw her
She looks pretty than I do
I was envious of her looks
But can't let her know
Above all I was in pains
Cause am way better than she
I wanted her to be who I looked up to
In her case it wasn't
At the time of separation
She was deprived of western knowledge
She lacks curtsey how things are done
She couldn't share her pains with me
She wanted me to believe she wasn't bothered
And I was waiting for her to talk
We can still fix it
She got herself pregnant
Not the end but beginning
To all her misconduct act
I wanted to be proud of her in public
But she was defacing me
I can't abandoned her
Yet she screamed
I don't need your help
She let her shadow take over her
She need to deliver herself from herself
How will she be a good sister
Good wife and mother
When she refused to learn
Thinking that's her end
When you show her light
She kept going back to darkness
Cause she understands it better
Every of her act
Pains me to my marrow
At a point, i gave up on her
The pains I feel inside of me
Wake me up from my delusion
How to help her is what am searching for now
My sister! My pains!!.

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