My own Bleeding Words


I stand on high most of the time

when others read about me 

who speaks of my words aloud? 

for others to hear and see,


I know my words can be so dark

but never let them stumble you 

this is my own written words 

that cuts deep into my soul 

that burns me to the core

of the red sea that bleeds,


What are words if you

cannot use them?

what are dreams

if you cannot dream them?

I was a child some time ago,


holding the pains of yesterdays 

in the kingdom of broken dreams

I had lost many things

most of my life I felt the rain 

Love was once strong

half way into my life,


but then that one had died 

darken paths was handed down to me 

like the old crying sea 

the velvet moon became a silent friend 

even to my very end.


Poetic Judy Emery © 1987


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