My outfit

I stand in front of a crowdcompletely clothedI have on a jacket, a shirtI have on a pair of pants, a pair ofsocksI have on panties and I have on abraWith fear therefore no excitement My jacket is my protectionIt protects me from the rain ofwhispersThat are said behind meIt protects me from the wind ofhumiliation from what I may bewearingIt protects me from what I donʼtwant to seew or when I donʼtwant to be seen My shirt is my expressionIt expresses the emotions that Ifelt at the time of purchase andthe emotions that I felt thatmorning when I put it onIt expresses the level of sense ofhumor thatʼs have have whether it is a lame joke or a funny punIt expresses the fact that I amwho I am no matter who everyoneelse is or what theyʼre wearing My pants are my concealersThey conceal my legs from publicspectacle and vulnerability when Iam not confident enough to havethem showingThey conceal my scars that I havea secret embarrassment aboutThey conceal the secrets that Ihide from everyone to avoidexposure My socks are my additionThey add extra protection for myfeet to not be subject to possiblewreckThey add extra expression withthe pattern I wear I want solidblack when Iʼm professional and afunky picture when I socializeThey add extra concealmentwhen my pants are not enough tokeep me from possible discovery I wear my long socks to cover upto my knees even more My underwear are the secretsthat I hide inMy bra is my desire andMy panties are my dreamsNot so different. I desire a life ofluxury and dream myself in thelife of the elite.I desire happiness and dream ofsatisfaction I stand in front of a crowdcompletely nakedI took off my jacket, my shirtI took off my pair of pants, mypair of socksI took off my panties and took offmy braWith excitement therefore no fear.

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