My one and only son


United States
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No words can describe the intertwining of one man and one women
They frolic and play with no ambition, no hope just eyes straight ward
If I were to say that we could not play today, she would ever speak again
Silence would fill our hearts and slowly but surely rip us apart

The first time we made love I saw fireworks in the air
Hearts beating, lights flashing, even the devil could not bear to see us thrashing
Passion is a wonderful thing if done in care
Without it then babies wouldn’t be born and procreation cannot happen

If I would of said I wasn’t ready would u bob your head yes
Or would the ocean cease to disappear and the air stop flowing
Would god be happy and would he also say yes
Or would the world end on that very second to destroy the spontaneous growing

I wished I could have saved my first son from dying so early with no love
I wished I used a condom to save my kid from the feeling of never getting a hug
I wished I told you our passion is from the devil and there is no love
I wished I could have saved my one and only son

The consequence of not the wearing a condom
Eternal guilt for those sweet minutes of passion
Kids don’t do what I did don’t repeat history
Believe in who you really are and don’t be like me

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