My Normality

Right in front of me is a different world, a different land.

A different story, a true best friend.

A place where I can be anyone or anything.

A place where I portray a different person, a different character, a different life.

I step out of reality and absorb my normality.

Pure bliss, you see!

When I flip the pages of my world, I live in between the lines. I live in, between different worlds.

I feel every thought, every idea.

I feel different emotions. Sometimes I'll feel sad or angry. Sometimes I'll feel joyful or happy.

Sometimes I want to rip my hair out and cry in frustration.

Then I'll laugh and continue to flip the delicate white pages.

I hate when I have to part from my normality and live back in reality.

It’s a catastrophe!

A downright tragedy.

Please don’t make me leave my normality.

Its pure torture you see!



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