My Nib


United States

My Nib treats, each piece of paper like a peanut. . . it eats
My nib does not Nibble on the Sheets. . .
It fiends for food, to fuel it's foundation its an Ink Fountain. .
That's gushing with written wisdom.
An Outstanding Ocean of Ideas that Octopuses couldn't even swim in. . .
My nib, Stains the Sheets like yellow Paint Would Teeth. .
It's not pretty, my pen will stencil something gritty.
Stained like a crime scene, these rhymes mean much more than 26 letters sounding clever. . .
My nib Stands Stiff & personifies the pressure of a plaintiff. .
While the defendant is a puny piece of printer paper.
Feeling the powerful penmanship in this cursive court of law...
My Nib turns up the heat like a thermostat
Letting Words Attack like Herds of Gnats on neck fat
My nib needs to write, like darkness Needs some light
My nib is like a flight of steps. . . It elevates me to places I can't reach. .
Allows me to speak to the faces I can't teach. . .
I call my Nib my Write Hand cause it stays in my Right Hand & helps me like a Hype Man!!

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