My NEED to Create

Maslow's Hierarchy is a pyramid of needs

It explains everything a human being needs in their life

in order to live a full, healthy life

To help fully understand the severity of these things,

think of us as a flower


The bottom of the list is the 'Physiological needs'

These include food, water, sleep

This is at our foundatation, where we plant our seeds.


Right above that, we have safety needs

This really boils down to shelter and gaurdians

without this, all we would be is weeds.


Next up is love and belonging

Our natural survival being dependant on others

This is the stem of our flower dawning.


What would life be without our esteem?

Self worth is not even arguably important

This creates the beatifully unique bud, blooming in the sun beam.


Speaking of sun, at the top we have self actualization

This one is a little tricky, but it's who we are at the core

Our biggest need is our 'sun' in all sensationalization.


I have plenty of food and water,

a place to sleep,

a family who loves me, 

and a healthy amount of self worth.


So what is MY sun?

I'm glad you asked.


I NEED to create,

Films specifically.


It fills my soul like nothing has before.

Telling stories and imacting lives,

is something as beautiful as a flower.


If the world is a garden, 

and all plants have a story,

I'm glad the sun gave me my ability

to share mine.




This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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