For my nana

Fri, 01/31/2020 - 15:52 -- S@mii

It’s a beautiful Saturday

I look out to see the sun shine

Feeling very alive inside and to my surprise

I smell food,my nana’s in the kitchen

Seeing her cook and smile gives me a good feelin


I close my eyes in happiness

I open my eyes and feel hopelessness

As I see my grandmother sleeping in her casket

I turn away and all my creative colors go grey

Slow motion


Everything isn’t real

I can’t comprehend my mind is racing

My heart breaking and my anxiety is my only friend

That is never mistaken


Fast forward,fast forward,fast forward

It has been four years already

I’m back on track and ready

Ready to live what was inspired by you

Your life gave life to me

For I learned how to be grateful

I will always stay thankful

Your my motivation

You taught me the importance of elevation

To climb higher 

And to aspire to inspire before I expire


You truly taught me my one desire


I will always love you nana

Fly higher.


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My family
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