My Name Is I Am

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 07:22 -- ssem507


My name is I am

I know you don’t know me

But are you willing to learn

Exactly what I have been through

I am who I am and no one will stop me


I am six

Will anyone play with me

I am here amongst thirty others

Will anyone notice me

Running from group to group of children like me

But is it too much to ask for a single companion

I am who I am and no one will stop me


I am twelve

And all I see are judgmental eyes

Every breath I breathe, step I take, decisions I make

Is there no time to just simply ‘be’

I will do as they please in hopes of acceptance

There is no time for me but

I am still who I am and no one will stop me


I am seventeen

Always following the status quo:

Get good grades

Please my parents

Please my friends

Please my peers

And all will be well

As long as I become more like you and less like me

I am who I am and no one will stop me


But all in not well

My parents are gone

Forever in a eternal sleep

I have no one to turn to

Lost and drowning in self pity

My ‘friend’ attempts to comfort me

With a joint and a shot and maybe a sniff

I took part in what you do

Only to find myself empty

Without a home or any money

I am who I am and no one will stop me


The street life is ridiculous

There’s no way back up

I only fall deeper to wake everyday

Next to a stranger and some cash

A repetition of today means another day of survival

I am who I am and no one will stop me


What more is left in this world

For a lost child like me

I lost control and fear consumed me

As I lose myself, the breeze urged me on

I did what I did

One leap was all it took

And the arms of the river

Accepts me like no other did before

I am who I am

Why didn’t anyone stop me?


This world will never be satisfied with

‘My name is I am’

So I was:

A child without a home

A sheep without a shepherd

A wallflower blending into nothingness

A gender used and thrown away

A prostitute for survival

And eventually another victim, another cold body

I am who I am, and I had no one to stop me


This is my story

This is me

So watch what you do

Listen to what you say

Because we are all creators

And I am what you made



I love it. It so deep. I want to cry.


Thanks so much! TwT


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