My Name

My name is a rhythm, a sweet sensation 
My name is a weightlifter, running between the bases , not stopping
It holds sadness  and pain, and came from a small village 
My name is Glory, prosperity and a holy meaning
But it's still recall as a terrorist label
My name is a phobia , a bad devil
My name is my identity , my profile
My name traveled from an unknown ground
It's an incomplete art, scattered all around
My name is a beautiful Dream 
Faith, hope and even has ice cream
My name is ordinary soul, trying to find its position
My name is a hidden secret waiting to be discovered
My name is awaken when a kpop music is played 
My name is a tag ,a price, And a stain 
My name is pitiful that's shoved down the drain
My name is the colors of the rainbow
My name is my possession 
My name is my pride, my dignity
My name is ---well it's a ticket to go back home


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



this poems means alot to me, i'm tryna value my culture and where i'm from.

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