To My Muse

You're a dope ass individual, and you're

Incredibly fuckng beautiful. Like...

Everytime I see your face one any

Social media platform, I'm jus like damn.

How could God make 

Anyone that beautiful and dope. It's not fair because

When other girls feel pretty, your face is like

Nah. Not while I'm here.


Just being

A dope person would win any

Normal - no smart - man over, but

I'm hoping that there's not a whole lot of smart men

After you. You're a fine woman with a good

Heart, and that makes you even more perfect than you are.


Stop making this so unfair for other girls. You

Can at least give them tips so they can look

Up to you as the

Teacher or positive influence

That you are.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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