My Mug is Half Full

It is half past three and I have finally reached my home

I cannot wait to relieve my arms of the duty of carrying this tome

I walk into the kitchen, dragging my leaden feet

I see my mother, whom I have barely enough energy to greet

The only thing I have in mind is that sleek, black machine

The god-given grinder of the coffee bean

It is the divine bringer of life, the only thing that can clear my mind's haze

It never fails to give me hope, just the sight of it sets my heart ablaze

I press the silver button and nearly weep

The industrious grinding sound is a sign of the benefits I am about to reap

I watch intently as my cup begins to fill

The intoxicating scent immediately gives me a thrill

I feel blessed to witness such magic

A life without coffee must be utterly tragic

The glorious liquid eventually reaches the mug's brim

In it I wish to swim

I grasp the sacred cup and retreat to my room

In this moment, I am saved from any more gloom

Each sip is more beautifully bitter than the last

Once again, the world is wonderfully vast

Everything is fantastic, nothing is amiss

Within this cup I have found true bliss

I feel as though I have been created anew

At least until I remember that homework is due



I wrote this for the scholarship contest. Coffee is the only thing that keeps me alive during the school year.

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