My Mother

They ask me why I have the courage to roll out of bed

With only positive thoughts passing through my head

What do you live to see?

Other than a women your mother would be proud to see you be?

I live to see my mother full of the light she possesses

Terminal illness

Have no chance against brightness

I live to see love without conditions

I wake up excited to see that she is still here

To be able to nag me until I am deaf in both ears

To hear her laugh echo through my family's home

To watch her eyes light like fire

To know that she holds us together

This is what I roll out of bed to see

Money could never buy you the love that comes from my family

They ask me why I can be so calm when I know that there is this lingering bomb



Above my head

How can I be so calm holding on to a sickening dread?


I have a reason to roll out of bed

They say light peaks through things that are broken

Maybe so

But I sure am glad to have woken


This poem is about: 
My family


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