My Mindset

I am anyone Yes! I am nothing but just a single oneDon't tell meFor I know I am a pinch of sand sprinkled at the graveI have been told, I am the reckless slaveI have been spat on by both the gods and devils on earthDied once and prepared to die againSandwiched between two worlds.I have searched but instead finding I was foundI was the one folded and shelved in the lost and found.They say, I am on a failed struggleTragedy of life in a big bundleTo the highest esteem, I know I am nothingI know I am really the roof of this house of hungerI'm merely the mat that is used by malnourished kids as a bed of pamperI am that broken mirror trying not to see it's own brokennessMy mindspot, the hotspot of emptinessHas made me acknowledged my flaw and weakness.Is like my problem is hard to defineStill the preacher says, I will be fineI'm not the one with sightI am the blind man led out of the village by JesusAs he leads my hand to my healing.I am nothing but something in sight of the maker.

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