In my mind you stay

In my mind u stay

In my heart you beatBeat so loud with love& confusion that it hurts.The past r haunting my dreams& thy eyes can't find any sweet restIn my mind u stay In my heart u beatAlone with ur loveAlone with ur memories.Alone with this regret& alone with thy pain.Sharing is pointlessCaring is stupidSearching is idiotCuz it all goes back to youYou, who were love, pain, & confusion.How could I leave a puzzle unfinished?I want to finish you,,Finish you completely.I want to give you that real love That i was afraid of giving it too late?To late for late for you...Too late for us?Idk why, but you are something that I feel that I should fight for.All those pain & feelings need to stop with a true end I see romance, I see usI see love, I see usWhy!Is this ur evil curse?Ur revenge?& for wat? BCuz I barely can breathe nor sleep with this torment in my mind 


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