My Mind: Spoken



“Speak your mind!” people say,

because they think every thought should be shared, or posted, or tweeted.

So everyone speaks at once, and the roar is deafening

And most of what they tell is inconsequential, even inane

But they are happy to hear it, because silence is frightening

It forces you to pay attention to the thoughts that come tumbling out of your own mouth.

It is so much better if the masses babble and chatter.

That way you don’t have to really hear any of it.


Speak my mind?

When I am silent, it is not that I have nothing to say,

It is not that I am bored, or disinterested, or dull.

The silence doesn’t frighten me

I am listening

To myself,

But also for that one crucial thought that someone didn’t shout loud enough.

And it got lost in the roar.


And when I hear it, I will know that I am not the only one,

Who welcomes silence,

Who knows that we must pay attention to the thoughts before they tumble out

Who only speaks when there is something consequential to be told.

And we will not tell each other to speak our mind

We will not tell each other that there is something wrong

With weighing each word out before it is spoken.

For in the silence, great things can be said.


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