Into My Mind.

Sat, 05/31/2014 - 16:06 -- reigelm

Into my mind you dare take a venture, differences between us besides just gender.

It lies well beneath the center, but you couldn’t chew on these thoughts with titanium dentures.

Think about it a car is more than just a fender, forgotten is the vendor.

God is my mender, and has seen me accomplish my endeavors.

With that being said I refuse to say never, no matter the weather.

I’ll keep hurling my boulders, whether heavy or light as a feather.

I do it simply to rise from the nether, to show I cannot be tethered.

All together life was given and will be taken, Do not be mistaken but instead awaken.

Find what it means to live, for the blessings of tomorrow are not ours to give.



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