My mind

Running running running and running

my mind is always running.

Yet I stand almost still.

Tap tap tap

my foot won't stop tapping against the floor.

What was my last thought?

Where am I?

Why are people staring?

Was it something I said?

Keep quiet, don't say a word

You are here, but do I want to be?

People are starring...I can hear their whispers

like snakes ready to make the final strike,

but thinking that it's better to wait and torture it's prey.

They are all liars...but be nice Annastasia, good Annastasia...

nice, good, good, nice, nice...why be nice? why be good?

If everyone is as bad, why should I be good?

I go to say something

but my breath catches in my throat.

I must stay quiet. Do not fan the fires.

Just be good...

Be. Quiet.

But what if I can't be quiet?

Why should I stay quiet?

My thoughts go in circles, dizzying me 

I will be on one thought, then leap to another within seconds.

But I always stay quiet...

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Glena Waterhouse

Knowing you as I do, this is a wonderful depiction of you. Excellent rythm!

Very deep!

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