My Mind

My mind… is like a cage full of birds
How do they live together? So many different birds
Some are big with beautiful, glittering feathers, attracting the eye
Self-imposing, attention seeking
Others are grey and small: like the quail
Who are always there somewhere
Ignored, uncared
Some are ugly and dark
Whom I shoo away
Like crows
Some live long with me, forever
Some come and go with the seasons
Some peck at me, causing pain, guilt and anger
Some sing to me sweet songs
My mind, is a cage full of birds
Sometimes they clamor loudly
And fill my head with cacophony
Sometimes they sit calmly, quietly
Like in the mornings.
Sometimes they are ordered like a dictionary
Birds of all species: all kinds
My mind still wanders and I await
The bird which will catch my notice
Spread its marvelous wings
And take flight.

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