My Milestone


You know when you sit long enough somewhere

And your mind begins to wander

It wanders to the darkest depths of despair

You feel about life and its never ending twists and turns.

It wanders to the day you tripped and no one offered to lend a hand

Or the day you received your first bad grade

Even the day when you confessed your feelings to someone and they turned you away

The days when you look at the ocean and wish to be washed away with the sand

It wanders to the good times just as the good times gets ripped away

Or even the day you stopped wishing on stars

Even the day when it feels like nothing is going your way

The days when the bad things in your life turned to scars

My mind wanders to the day I first discovered my mom had cancer

Or the day when I saw her at her worst

Even the day when doctors told me that being around her would kill her

The day when I cursed ever thinking twice about the little things that didn’t go my way

The little things that I dwelled upon every day

The little things that was nothing compared to this pill I now had to swallow

And the little things I didn’t care about any longer

You know when you sit long enough somewhere

And the air around you starts to lift

Your spirit begins to shift

The day when after a long time of praying you're given a gift

When you're hoping and saying the things to your mother you might never get a chance to say

There’s a breakthrough.

I had that breakthrough.

The day when I saw the weak woman in front of me no longer

Or the day when she was a pillar of strength

When I realized she had been with me through all the little things

When I loved that I had been there for her as much as I could

She went into remission

She became Cancer-free

That's when I realized why I write

Writing was my diary

Writing was my prayers

Writing through misery

Writing through betrayals

Writing through the good, writing through the bad

Writing through the sad, mad, and the glad

Writing was a direct link to God and to the world

Writing was my way of being heard.






God is good.


Beautiful! Magnificent! Eloquent! And so heartfelt.


Thank you so much!


Your poem made me connect with you.


Beautiful. What a sigh if relief.

Jan Wienen



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