My Message to the Government

Sun, 07/30/2017 - 15:07 -- DMP800

We gotta make this world a better place,
been looking for a better space.
They looking for a place in space.
We looking high even though they hit us low. Change trying to come but it's slow.
In this world it's filthy.
In this world we're all guilty.
Another tree cut down,
another G cut down.
I wanna know who's going to stand with me.
I rap about change, but it's time for some action.
Ready for the close up but this time I'm not actin'.
I'm stepping to this government invested faction.
Illuminati one eye, one sight, one vision.
I'm tired of the lie, the smite, and division.
Can we all come to the conclusion that we're all equal.
This is just another sequel,
to the Gandhi peace phase.
But I think we're past our peace days.
Because everywhere I look there's murder, destruction, war.
It's even hard for a little black boy to go to the store.
How bout you pick on someone your own size. I think you're scared your whole plan will be dimized.
Y'all look at us and picture us wallet sized.
Use us for entertainment until the money goes down.
Looks like you need some new entertainment or should've picked a better clown.
I'm not going to lie.
I do this to entertain,
but I want people to feel my words in their veins.
I want people to hear my pain.
I want them to know that I almost went insane. Instead y'all try to use us for your personal gain,
your personal game.
Well ima tell you now you might have the cheat codes, but you're not stopping this hack.
We clutch the free throws now there's no chance you're coming back.
My bars coming in at you full attack.
You lie, I'll take you out and let the whole world know the facts.
The truth about how you're trying to rid the nation of blacks.
Just the way you did the Native Americans, but we built this nation with our own backs.
You can't lie about that, that's history, that's facts.
You bordered the Mexicans and enslaved the blacks.
All minorities who picked up your slack.
I'm not hating on all of you.
I'm just telling the truth.
I just wanna see change so now government tell me what you gonna do?

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My community
My country
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