My Mental Nature

Wed, 02/06/2019 - 13:48 -- juan18

I am a cross broken down into 4 different sides to create the perfect image. I am the night sky filled with stars, filled with quiet voices and deep thought. The stars as memories and lessons of life to guide me through. I am created of the Ocean's color blue. I am calm and believe those around me. I speak words of wisdom to help people feeling down. I am loyal to those whom I protect and watch over. I am a rose, I give people hope and a new beginning to their way of thought. I might be nice but I'll stab you with my thorns if you abuse my kindness. I am a heart I love heavy and will never stop. I let go problems and look for other ways to calm down. If I am hurt I will keep moving on. If that does not work I always go back into deep thought and look for the answers that I sought.

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