My Memory

Joy does not linger eternally

When our desired reality becomes fantasy

We get drained of energy and vitality

What I turn to is my cherished memory

My memory is not a melody or someone else's fancy

Not children's lullaby or a yummy tutti frutti

In fact it encloses the worst agony

But in no way fails to be my serenity

Notice I say a single memory

For in it I see singularity

When in pain I travel back to its history

Pretend to relive it although imaginary



A smile masks my face from the remembrance of bravery

Or of the beauty of that ever blue sea

When I recall a friend's comedy

A laugh escapes my mouth's entry

I found a sense of victory

When a fool was made of my enemy

I was enveloped in ecstasy

The day my cousin was released from captivity

I thank God for his mercy

In protecting me from my country's jeopardy

My memory may not fit the definition of heavenly

But it always renders me happy


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