My Masterpiece


Do you think you’re smart?

Because I was told to write a poem,

But I don’t know what to write.

So I decided to write about,

What I don’t know what to say.

This poem is just gibberish,

With words scribbled on a page,

Because I’m all out of ideas.

And this poem is pointless.

You can put this down now.

Because this continues on and on..

And you’re wasting your time reading this.

I really hope you know,

That your life is passing by.

It’s a good thing to keep in mind,

That you are slowly dying.

To anybody that reads this:

This is a lame poem,

And it is killing you.

You are either dying of boredom,

Or because you…

Are not a smart person,

And are wasting your time

On my boring masterpiece.

I don’t know why people read things like this,

Especially if it’s for fun.

I have showed people what I have done so far,

For some reason, they laughed…

Kind of.

But I don’t know why.

If you have read this poem,

You would know that you are dying.

And if other people have read this,

They would know this too.

And yet people continue to read this.

And I don’t know why.

All I know is that this poem is boring,

And long, and seems to go on forever,

But it does have an end.

I can promise you that.

What I can’t promise you is

That you will enjoy this.

Since this is a school project,

That I really don’t want to do,

It has to be 150 lines.

That is…150 lines of pure boredom.

This is line number 47.

Everything is all good,

If you don’t think about the sad truth..

But I will tell it to you anyway.

You are reading line 51.

You have 98 lines after this one.

You are bored out of your mind.

And, if people are watching you read this poem,

They are laughing at your facial expressions

Trust me,

Some people have weird expressions.

But the best part is,

After this line, you only have 92 more lines to read.

If you really want to know,


They are all boring.

I have told you in the beginning of this poem,

That you could put this down,

But if you have read this far,

It seems to be too hard.

The saddest part about that is,

If you can’t put this poem down,

You aren’t a very inelegant person.

Because you are drawn to a poem that is boring, dumb, and killing you.

This poem is not worth reading.

You are wasting your time.

And your precious life is flying by.

And yet you continue to read this.

I must say this to you,

The reader,

You are not a very smart person.

As much as I would like to say this is over,

And I really do want to quit writing this poem,

I am sorry to say…

I can’t.

This poem is my homework,

And also my beautiful, complicated, and boring masterpiece.

But I would like to share this with as many people as I can.

Because as they read this poem,

They don’t feel very smart.

But when they are done,

They wonder what they had just read…

And think this is pointless.

I agree that this poem is long and boring,

And it is even more boring to write than it is to read.

But watching you is funny.

Just think about this the way I do.

You are reading a poem,

That is long, boring, and doesn’t have a meaning,

While you are wasting your time.

Again I will tell you,

That you may and should put this down.

And if you knew what’s good for you,

You should do that now.

Before you are on the ground,


If that is your case,

And you are dying,

Which you are,

Do not complain to me because


I did tell you to put this down,

And do something better with your life,

But if you are reading this,

Obviously, you did not listen to me.

I would say that it is not too late to put this down,

But unfortunately,

I think it is.

I have drawn you in,

Made you read this boring, lame work

That I was told to write.


I don’t want to,

But since I was forced to…

I did.

And this is it,

This is the poem I had to do.

I am very proud of my work.

I will frame this when I am done,

And you are probably wondering,

Why frame this?

This is pointless, dumb, and idiotic.

And that is exactly why I will frame this.

It makes you think about why you continue…


To die as you read this.

Again, I would like to remind you,

That you are dying.

Have I mentioned to you,

That both you and I

Are very bored,

And very, very close to death?

Especially after reading this


Never ending, poem,

You will be close to dead.

I hope you aren’t…


This poem is almost over.

And I am very happy.

And I think you are too.

Because this poem is over…


When this poem is over,

We will both be very happy,

But we will still be dying.

And we will continue to die

Until we are dead.

…Isn’t it funny how that works?

If you felt smart at the beginning of this,

How do you feel now?




Because I was told to write a poem,

But I didn’t know what to write,

So I decided to write about,

What I don’t know what to say.


Are you dead yet?


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