My Marching Grandmother


United States
34° 20' 54.0744" N, 86° 31' 11.514" W

How proud I am.
It shapes me
In more ways than I'm fully aware;
To know my Grandmother
Among thousands,
In a tide of dark skin.
The only white woman;
The only white skin.
Stood for right.
Against the norm,
Against the wrong,
She marched.
Did it matter?
It matters to me.
And it mattered to them.

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This, I hope, will go down in history. Keep writing on my friend.


You're right. It doesn't matter.

It always seems that if we are not tortured,

Then we must be the torturers.

But our skin colour does not make us the same as them.

Why do they not realize that this is just as much


As the other way around?

Who cares if you weren't a slave

Or hurt, or anything else?

You can still stand up for what's right.

Thank you for making that clear.

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