My Mama Africa is Like No Other

My Mama Africa is Like No Other By Saron Tekle  My dear Mama Africa You're the Garden of EdenYou’re the mother of the first humans First queens and kingsBlessed with the gift of gold and diamondsYou are the home of education and religionsYou're the mother of life  My beloved Mama AfricaYou're the mother of 54 countries Your children carries the stories of youThey all don't look the same But you still love them anyway My courageous Mama Africa Invaders came to youTook your resources and sabotaged your history They made lies about you Stole your children You were lost for a whileBut still you remained faithful My beautiful Mama Africa They tell you to be silentYou speak with hopeThey don't like you But still you love They tear you down But still you rise         

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



Hi Saron,

I would like to use this poem in a show. Would you be willing to allow this?



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