My Lullaby


His heartbeat is my lullaby     

His smooth chest is my pillow

His arms are the sheets that comfort me when I need comforting

The sheets that caresses my face and dries my tears when needed

When I sleep, he stays awake to make sure I’m okay

It makes me feel…


He wasn’t meant for me

He was meant for someone else

Yet we still ended up together

Forever and a day we say…

It makes me laugh when I think that

He was in front of me the entire time

But I didn’t speak up

In fear that I would offend who he was meant for

It came as a surprise to others

When they discovered we were together

Some didn’t agree with that

Since I wasn’t meant for him

But he was meant for me in the end

My tears splash his jacket

The one I sleep with because it smells like him

 “Forever and a day” his melodic voice whispers to me

As I listen to my lullaby

And fall asleep with a smile upon my face    



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