my lullaby


United States
41° 35' 26.9124" N, 73° 23' 40.0092" W

The ticking of your heart has become my nighttime sonnet
And no words can verbalize into sentence of how I feel
The moonlight has slowly began to dance through your hair
Inhale... Exhale... all in perfect sync, the master DJ at work again
You close your eyes but remain awake, to scare away the monsters that are so near
Your fingers trace the outline of my face, gently remembering every turn and motion
And then you stop.
And I feel your arm hug the curve of my scared body
The sheets rustle as you move closer, filling the heavy gap between us
I can feel your lips along my ear as you whisper words of

insane poetic perfection

into the darkness

And there they are,
lost among the star-lined sky of navy satin...

"I love you"


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