My Love Letter To The Universe

I am Changing. Constantly. I am not the same person I used to be.


My Light is beginning to shine. Sometimes brighter than I can take.


But I love it. I am shining and I shine unto others. Do you see the Light?


Do you see my Persistence? I am Striving. I am Capable.


I am not the frightened little girl I was before. I am Woman.


I am Strong. I am Confident. I am Love. I am Mother.


Woman is the key to the Universe. Don’t you see?


Without her, where would we be?


There would be no progress. No new generations. No new Life.


Woman equals Life. And Life is Light. Do you see my Light?


I am Peace. I am Joy. I am Laughter. I am Happiness.  


I am Radiating! And I love it. Do you see your Light?


Let your Light shine. Shine like you were born to. You were born into this.


Stand up and be the Woman you were meant to be. Because I see your Light.


Every ray you beam brings Positivity. Find your Light. Let your Positivity reign.

It’s time to wake up. Regain your Royalty. So, who will join me?


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