My love

Fri, 12/25/2020 - 11:24 -- AdamsK

The setting sun

and the trees stood still

the warmth of your embrace

the comfort, no chill

when i see you, i am drowned in

happiness, no pain

even when im crying, you help me

be ok

you aim your arrow right at my heart

dont walk aout because it will break me apart

i love you more than you know

its deeper than the ocean and deeper

than snow.

now its been 2 months,

the best time of my life

i thought my only best friend of was

the sharp edge of a knife

but you held me in your arms

it was my new home

you are so special, i need a clone

but please my love

im struggling right now

take me away, i dont care how

baby you are my world and you

mean the most to me

your the fuel to me flame and the

light to my world

u say im beautiful, whether my

hair is straight or curled

now this has to come to an end

on you i can depend

so fly away my angel, it will be fine

go and tell the world you will always be mine.







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