To my love

There’s this feeling I can’t quite explain

But it isn’t sadness or fear or pain

It’s like a lightning bolt straight through my mind

Making me so dizzy I’ve almost gone blind

My face is heating up and I’m stuttering my words 

The poet in me is flustered and disturbed

There’s a name for this, fits like a glove

This feeling I’m feeling, I believe it’s called love. 


Love is such a curious thing

It’s the rush of adrenaline that makes you swing

Over the top of the clouds of the sky

When you finally meet that girl or guy 

Or the one who chooses not to abide

And throws gender into the tide

That one special person that only shows

When you’re capacity for connection grows

And you’ll give them everything you are

And they'll do the same for you. 


I’m not one to believe in soulmates

But some time ago I found my fate

I’ve found someone to show my heart

But I don’t know where to start

They’re sweet like the taste of a lollipop

And I can barely speak because my mouth drops

Their words are powerful and full of meaning

I wish I could just say how I’m feeling

I guess I should just wish on a star

For my dream to come true. 


A poet themselves, it amazes me

How their words come so easily

I can barely interact with those my age

Compared to me, they’re a mage 

My heart is pounding, what do I do? 

Nothing has prepared me for this. 


Five before this, none the same

Anger, boredom, peer pressure, disdain,

And moving away to a land unknown

After all of those, I feel like I’ve grown

Grown to the point where this time

It’ll be different, it’ll be fine

This one may not last, that is true

But this is an opportunity I cannot miss

What if they don’t feel the same as me?

I guess I’ll have to just wait and see

My hands are shaking, my pen falls to the floor

The deepest parts of my heart are being explored

I can’t think like this, there’s a lot to lose

But I want to take the risk, cut the noose

That society has around my neck

Like a pirate captain upon the deck

Sailing over the sea called “adoration”

Searching for that romantic dedication

Waiting for the love that’s real


I’ll wait a little, see how it goes

Grow our friendship, achieve our goals

Then maybe, maybe I’ll be able to say how I feel. 

This poem is about: 
My community



Sweet heart

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