For My Love

I sit alone,

huddled in a corner of

misery and knives

in my back,

crying over

my last strand of thread,

not long enough

to sew my


shotgun shell of

a heart

back together.


But you come along.

And you give me

your heart instead.


You, of all people.

You, with your

diamond eyed smile

and love for


You, with your

late reckless nights

and wet paper



When I’m with you,

the caged dove in me

soars above

the world

in frenzied jubilation.

The song in

your laugh

keeps me warm

at night,

and I dance among


when you come

my way.


Like a Shakespeare


our love is forbidden.

But keeping you a secret

burns red

in my skin.


They all scream

that this is wrong,

but you whisper

that this is right.

And your voice

is the only one

I hear.


When I hold

you against me,

I feel our souls


I feel euphoric


in every heartbeat.

I feel oblivious

to the world,

for I have you.

And you are

all I need.

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