My Lost Love

Wed, 08/07/2013 - 15:22 -- Zoiemc


I came not as a person but, as a position

Something to be mocked, bent, and broken

I came in a beautiful box built of limitations

Cased in the radiance of ignorance

How long could it be, that you would take to claim me?

Am I not worthy to stand beside you, but beneath you I wait?

The view from your eyes is warped

Greedy imperfections plague the clean slate

What a state we are in…

I came offering the very hands of grace

You wore the faults of my youth

I begged you to grasp my hands

You could never hold on, why is that?

Did I not offer you all that I am?

Today I came alone

Sanctification met me at your fall

All that I am, is all that we are

Goodbye dear friend it’s been warmth beside your bed

I shall always miss that which you dread

In time I came new

I came anew without you 

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