My Little Squash

MAI Little Squash :)

Mai Vang Lee


1 My little squash

                          Simple and sweet

           The kind gaze and his gentleness

    His dreamy eyes

 Prison of the heart


6 His angelic voice

          Simple and sweet

                          He is calm like the ocean

  Smooth like the sand

                          The prison of my heart


11 Tall and fluffy

                          Simple and sweet

  Protective and strong

         Warm like the summer breeze

 Prison of his heart


16 Standing like a rock

                     Simple and sweet

One mind one way

          The road that doesn’t look back

  Prison of her heart


21 Smiles of the east

Minds of the west

 The love of endless

     Two shores in one state

My little squash



This is a poem for the love of my life. He never had the chance to see this poem because we went our separate ways before I could even finish. I just want to say I'm sorry. I'm sorry for not being the right person for him. I'm sorry for breaking his heart. People say," To love someone is to leave someone." I finally understand it now, because I love him, I have to let him go. It's like a flower, I can't just pick it and put it in a vase. Since I have it's roots and everything I should give it to someone who knows how to bring it back to life because I don't know how. I can't keep him with me, so I wish for him to find someone better. Someone who will wipe his tears, understand him more than me, enjoy his cringy jokes, and most of all love him and cherish him more than me. To have a healthy relationship is to see them have a happy life even if you guys are together or not; to be happy that they are happy and well.

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