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In my lifetime, I was born to a virgin mother an angel told her I’ll be like no other man on earth on land which is cursed born free of sin, now you see what I’m worth. I’m the son of GOD, haven’t you heard? I travel to different lands spreading His word. I gave vision to the blind so they can watch me turn water into wine hypocritical Pharisees thought I was lying, my family betrayed me for a couple of dimes. Now I’m nailed to a tree about to die, forgive them Father for they know not what is done, you loved the world so much you gave your only son. Even though I rose to the sky, my life isn’t done.


I said there will be ones greater than I, so I was reborn in 1929. Son of GOD, not quite, son of a pastor, but my actions will change the nation here after. Leadership is my thing my last name was King, I marched a million men to Washington to hear my dream. A leader in civil rights, a shining beacon through the night, in 1968 the evil ended my life. They were mad at the words I spoke; I was shot in the throat; I made more of an impact than they would ever know. Unlike my life, my cause was not lost; I vowed to bring peace at any cost.


The future is now; the present is past; and the past is still relevant. Without Dr. King there wouldn’t be a black president. Without Jesus Christ, there’ll be no forgiveness of our sins. Paradise maybe lost, but we still can win. Because of the past lives, I’ve been fortified to survive. Hip-hop is alive through this guy. As Armageddon approaches, the Devil’s injecting hatred in lethal doses, so I focus my opus, bring hope to the hopeless and gather up soldiers, exposing the posers posing as preachers, teachers; nothing but money sucking leeches reaching into the minds of the ignorant. Tickling the ears of whosever listening leaving them as blind as they ever been. I’m breaking in through the lies and propaganda, stand-up, stand-up; go ahead lift your hands up. Stomp on the floor; don’t take it anymore. Slap the devil in the face, warn the people tell them fast, we keep faith in GOD, and we’ll be free at last.


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