My Life is a Video Game


My life is a Video Game

It all started with my parents

They decided to insert a coin into a slot,

And then pressed the button START.

My life has many chapters and stages

Like a game has levels that engages.

I respawn with only one life,

In a mysterious new world,

Equipped with either a gun or a knife,

Or even a shield and a sword.

But in reality, I don’t have weapons.

However, I still have many tools to spare.

Ranging from paper, pencil, or pen,

I have more, but you probably don’t care.

Writing an essay is like a Call of Duty game,

Only armed with a pencil loaded with ammunition.

I first list the date and my name -

Then I start writing with a loaded ambition.

WOW, I’m on a kill streak, shooting down ideas

I am calling in a care package, I am doing hot.

You should know that no one can stop me, DUH.

I will end this round with a period, BOOM Headshot.

If I win or lose, it doesn’t matter,

Just look at who got the high score.

My skills keep on getting better,

You can’t break me, I’m hardcore.

We all strive to be the very best,

We all know there is an end,

We all try to eliminate the rest,

We all still have fun, making new friends.

I’m like Master Chief,

Who is such a boss,

We both look good in green,

Very cool, and very strong.

I am like Sub-Zero.

Chill, but wise not to mess with me.

I am like Mario,

Who will keep pushing to find my Princess Peach.

In the end, I am one amazing guy,

Born with a bunch of default skills,

But before its game over and die,

My life will have a bunch of fun and thrills.

It doesn’t matter what console I play,

If it’s an Xbox, Playstation, PC, or Wii,

Life is the only game I play today,

So grab a controller, you can even play with me.

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gamer boy

that was an very nice poem,!



I loved the comaprisons you used in this. Truly amazing. Thank you for sharing!


The best one l have seen


This is a great poem, well done! I'm an English teacher and I would like to use it to teach some of my students!


I loved this poem, used it for my reading class and my teacher loved it.

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