My Life Story

Tue, 10/20/2015 - 13:45 -- Austyn

I am the girl who is nameless

I have no place in this life

Once I was a beautiful spirit with my future so bright

In the very beginning things were alright

Daddy loved his baby girls

Both my sister and I

Of course him and mom would fight sometimes

Thats what normal families did I thought

My little brother soon came along

Everything was....


Daddy began to get physical with mom

Bruises were to be covered

No questions were to be asked

Even when things were bad mom stuck around

Did she really have a choice? 

She had three kids to provide for so she stuck it out 

For us...

It soon became too much so she left

Only after my brother had turned two did she find love again

Her friend  gave her number to my now stepdad

Things were fine 

For now...

They were married and I had a new dad by the age of three

That was fine with me

He treated us like we were his own children

My biological father had already been through step mom number one

Everything was fine....

His new woman was his world 

Even then he never forgot about his children

I was only six when it began

Both of my siblings looked like him but I took after my mother

Maybe that's what tipped him off?

I wish I knew what I had done wrong

This mental and sometimes physical abuse only began after my new step mom showed up

I was only six

She sold my dolls in her yard sale, even my favorite

I cried and she hit me for it

Fastforward to age eleven

My dog had puppies there was one I wanted 

It was my birthday and it was promised to me

I was so excited but it turned out to be all a joke

Nothing was going right

Still eleven and she told me I needed to diet

She began keeping me from food during the weekends I was there

Even my father had begun to abuse me 

Age thirteen my sister is persuaded to run away

My life is falling apart without her

I blame myself 

The law is called into this and the case is taken to court

My mental state begins to worsen

After nine months of hell she is back home

But she is different...

She isn't the sister I remember 

Now I'm sixteen 

Its been three years since I've had contact with my stepmom or my dad

Im still broken and asking myself why it was me who was treated this way 

My other two siblings didn't experience what I did 

I'm thankful for that

And now

I'm happier now than I've ever been in my life

I have friends and my mom and stepdad love me very much

I swear I'll never see that man again


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